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I am who I am … who am I?

What a crazy question to ask at 30+ years old right?!?  It’s one of those questions that has always lingered in the back of my mind.  Maybe not so much who I am personally but more who I am culturally, ethnically, who do I look like? Do I have my mothers nose or my fathers eyes? Maybe I look like that long lost cousin twice removed and once rejoined the family.  These are the silly questions that have entered my mind my entire life.

I remember as a teenager going to a friends house and sitting at the dinner table and listening to their parents talk about their family heritage.  I looked at my friend and I saw the resemblance between her and her brother then between her and her mother, then looked at her father and realized she was his clone! But sitting there looking at the four of them and seeing all their resemblances and differences was incredible to me.

This is something I didn’t experience growing up. Don’t get me wrong my family has and incredible story. We have a truly wonderful heritage of 1,2,3 and I believe even 4th generation immigrants. If I have the time lines correct haha.  That’s just my mothers side. My father is first generation, his parents came to America through Elis Island when they were very young.

But what about me? Where does my bloodline (is that the correct term?) come from? Where did it all begin for ME? 

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