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A Very Happy Mother’s Day!

What Is A Mother

A Mother is a gift from God
Just like you were too.
She is always behind you,
No matter what you do.

She stays up at night,
To watch you sleep.
Her concern for you,
Runs so very deep.

She was your first teacher,
Her job to show you how.
She was there for you then,
And believes in you now.

Her love is unconditional,
To that there is no end.
And as you get older,
She becomes more like a friend.

She is always sensitive to your needs,
She just has that special touch.
It’s no wonder then Mom,
Why you are loved so much!

~Karen A. Cira

A mother is so much more than birthing a child. Giving birth, as hard as it may be, is the easy part!!! Loving and raising decent human beings is the difficult part.  You don’t need to birth a child to hold them all night while they are sick, or to cheer them on at their soccer game, or to let them cry on you shoulder.  You don’t need to birth a child to give them the unconditional love they deserve.

Today’s post is being dedicated to my own mother. She raised me from when I was six days old.  She loved me and supported me through everything I’ve been through. She’s praised me when she was proud, and she told me when I’m wrong.  In our state a birth mother has 30 days to change their minds on putting their child up for adoption. My mother held me in her arms, sang me to sleep, changed my diapers, and loved me as her own, in fear for those 30 days until it was official that I was hers. THAT is amazing Strenth! And nothing short of a mothers love!!! ❤️ 

Mothers come in all shapes and size.  Mothers who love their children froma distance, and ones near by, mothers to angels, step mothers and mothers at heart. I believe all mothers need to be celebrated today! 

Thank you mom for being the best mom in the world and showing me what being a mother is all about! 

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