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Do you have a family history of … ? 

Do you have a family history of …?  Who has those blue eyes in your family? Are your parents short?

These are all very normal every day questions, that always have that weird response ” Oh, I don’t know, I was adopted “

This has never been anything that botherd me, and clearly I’m very open about it. I think it’s great to hear other people’s stories and I have one to tell too.  Plus knowledge is power and if I can open someone’s mind or teach something new to just one person, well it is all worth it. 

I’ve gotten so many interesting responses. Typically it “You’re adopted? I didn’t know that!” And the questions come pouring out. Which I always find to be fun.  Or I get “Wow you’re adopted?  When did you find out? ” And then at some point later on out of the clear blue the qquestions start.  This always gives me a chuckle. How long have you been thinking about my adoption? What prompted the questions today?  Again, I love to answer and talk about it.  

My parents raised me always knowing that I was adopted. I don’t have a time or a day that it was announced to me.  My parents always let me ask questions and they answered to the best of their ability.  

At a young age my parents gave me a piece of paper with a very small amount of family history, this consisted of my biological parents nationalities, the amount of siblings each had, their ages, color hair, eyes and height as well as every single person wore glasses.   Next to the sibling section it said 0.  For majority of my life this was my truth! This is what I knew, what I based everything of my history off of. Until one day in 2010. 

Around thanksgiving time 2009 I received a phone call from two young women, they were looking for their sibling who was born the same day as me in the same area. My adoption records at this time were closed so I had nothing to check all of this on.  Needless to say this rocked my world. We spoke a few times and things didn’t add up so we went our separate ways. I wish I stayed in contact with them now, I would have loved to hear how they made out. 

This got my juices flowing and I made the discison to open up my adoption. I filled out all of the paperwork, contacted the proper people and had my end of the adoption opened up so if anyone was looking they would be able to find me.  Many months later, October 2010 ( we were driving out of state to go to a family wedding ) I received the letter that would change my view on everything. 

“Dear sarah,

We are sorry to inform you that your adoption records were destroyed in a fire. We have included all that we were able to recover. “

My Hubster read this out to me as I was driving, I spent almost most of that car ride in tears. It broke my heart, I could live with the unknown and the possibility of “maybe” but there was now nothing!   

The attached paperwork that was sent was the exact same layout of my original paper my parents gave me, only blank. All except for ONE section.  

Siblings: 1, born 1982.  

WHAT?!?!?!?!  ( this is where the big eyed emoji needs to be placed) Game changer! I was born in 1983! I have an older sibling! Brother, sister I don’t know, but someone.  But without a date, gender or a name it’s like a needle in a haystack. It got me thinking is it true? Or is what I’ve always known to be true?  

Was my whole life a made up lie? Or was there a mistake after the fire and they mixed up my records?


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