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What Am I 

I had a hard time sleeping this morning. I woke up super early and I just laid in bed and played around on my phone. You know the normal stuff, Facebook, instagram, nail tutorials, looking at dream houses hehe.  I started to finally feel sleepy so I figure let me clean out my mailbox and then I’ll catch a couple more minutes before the BrothersDunne get started.  To my surprise I got this message:


I literally just laid there and took a few breaths.  My phone was on 10 percent. So I got up. Plugged it in and grabbed my iPad (need a bigger screen for this) the iPad was at 12%, GAH!!!! Why can’t I ever keep my stuff charged.  So I find a spare plug, set my self back up in my bed with the iPad take a breath and open up my app …

Now, from my knowledge I am 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Italian,  but I never expected to be split 50/50 I knew there had to be to more, I mean everyone has a little bit of everything in them down the line.

So, here is my break down …

So that’s Irish, Italian/Greek, English, Iberian, and West Asian   My results were not so far off!  

So after playing around and looking into all my backgrounds and finding out where the Iberian Peninsula is, I decided to click on my Matches button …

What I discovered next blew my mind …   

To be continued…

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