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What’s in a face?

I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d ever have someone other than my children that I’d look like … 

As you’ve probably already guessed there was a DNA match on my spit sample. 

The whole point of doing this blog was to let go, release my thoughts and my fears and maybe help someone else with their journey.  I’ve had fun with this, it’s been a great way to express what I’m currently going though. But now I’m at a loss. 

See, the thing is I didn’t really know how far this was going to take me.  I was really excited to get my ethnic background, and the possibility of distant relatives.  The likely hood of finding anyone who was closer than a second or third cousin just didn’t seem possible.  It’s thrown me for a loop. 

I’ve decided until/if I make contact not to disclose the relationship fully of this family member. After all this is a public writing, and they are going through a journey just as well and I would like to respect their privacy.  Once I get permission from them I will disclose more information. From here on out I will refer to them as BFM aka Biological Family Member. 

But what I will say is,  HOLY MOLY!!!! Dunne2 is not the only other person in this world that I look like.  I share the same bone structure, eyes, hairline, cheekbones and jawline as BFM.  It’s quite strange actually.  I did reach out to BFM and I am currently impatiently patiently waiting if/when they respond. 

There were over 5000 matches!!!! 88 DNA matches. WHAATT?!?! 😳. BFM has already created a family tree of over 300 people dating back to the 1700’s.  I NEVER in my wildest dreams!  

I have many mixed emotions right now, as I’m sure you could imagine. The one that is the least expected is peace.  I am so at peace with all of this and with whatever information may come my way. 
I am so very glad I did this, and so grateful that I waited until I no longer held any resentment or anger.  This is a very exciting time!!!  ❤️

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