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The Giving Tree 

I am having so much fun with this family tree thing! 

I’ve discovered I am able to create TWO trees!   Eeekk!! How amazing is that?   I have my Biological tree which consisted of Hubster and I with the BrothersDunne and Hubster’s immediate family, for now.  I haven’t plugged in any of the family members that I’ve been matched with yet since I haven’t had any luck with contact. 

THEN I created MY family tree. I’m still working hard on it, the immediate family out to … hmm, in some cases, forth cousins was easy. It’s when we get into great grand parents or great aunts and uncles is when it gets difficult. What I didn’t realize is that AncestryDNA will pull public records and connect you. 

I was able to find marriage records, death records, and birth records. I even found my Paternal Grandmothers citizenship paperwork!!! It was so strange to have her signature in her handwriting looked back at me. I haven’t seen her signature in over ten years.  

WILD!!! 😲

I was able to see my maternal great grandparents all because I knew my poppa’s birthday.

It’s going to be so fun to go over ALL of this family history with the BrothersDunne once they get older. As for hubsters family I’ve kept it for now with the immediate family but I’ll work on that as well. 

I just can’t wait to see what else I can find …. 

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