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Expect The Unexpected

Two days ago I was driving home, alone with my thoughts and realized it’s been one month since I got my DNA results and had a match with BFM. 

I started to mentally re-prepare myself for the possibility that I may never have my answers I so longed to know. I could see that BFM had not logged on since April and thought maybe they may no longer be using the account, or whatever it may be. None the less I just lost that hope I had and figured if it just meant to be,God will let it be in his time. 

It’s like the old expression ” When you stop looking it will come”. 

Well, yesterday I got a response to my original message :

My DNA Match came back with what I least expected a match to a biological parent . . . My biological Mother actually.  You can understand my wanting to keep this private  without knowing her story and what the circumstances may be.  But yesterday I received a response from her:


After a couple emails, we spent a couple hours texting and plan on speaking later on in the week. 

She was willing to answer any and all of my questions, and even gave me a bit of her life story.  There are many more questions and things that I’d like to learn about her and her family, but for a text conversation it just didn’t seem appropriate to go into all of that. 

I’m glad that she is being to open with me. Little bits of my history are starting to be filled in.  I have been a secret her whole life, no one knows about me, except for a friend who counciled her while pregnant and helped to make the choice to put me up for adoption.  She said she will now have to have a hard conversation with her family. I can’t even imagine how that must feel.  To hold a secret for so many years and, now open up about it, I just can’t imagine. 

One big question that I wanted to know was 

” Are you happy? “

I am so glad to report that she is.  She made peace with the choices that’s she made in her past, and she is happy. 

Right now I feel so full! There is so much more to learn but for now I am so very content. 

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