The big impact

Who is impacted by adoption?

This is my story, my point of view. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself. But it’s not all about me … I have a family, my husband and children are effected by all of this. The unknown, the insecurities , the loss, the excitement and the overwhelming emotions that I can’t find words for. This effects my family.

My parents, both sets. My mother and father who raised me. Gave me my life, everything that I know is because of them. This effects them and we are openly communicating all of this, but there’s an impact.

My biological parents, they are impacted on a whole other level that I can’t even comprehend. They’ve been through something that I can only imagine.

Then there’s extended family. Who knew, who didn’t know, who is just learning.

Through my journey, I have connected with several amazing people and I have been welcomed with open arms. I’ve said over and over again how grateful I am with this outcome. Over the years I’ve had every scenario played out in my head…

This is by far the best outcome that could have ever been, and nothing I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams.

To be continued …

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