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I am open to you.

My world has been turned upside down and rolled over these last two weeks. It all started with a message on ancestry “I see we are related, how are we related?”

Can I put in the big eyed emoji? Does it show through 😳?

What??? I never expected the next several days to be what they were. As I stated this was a biological aunt (Ellen)reaching out to me, she had just learned that I existed, and I was beating myself up for 3 days because she withdrew her original message to me. All those awful feelings of rejection coming back, feeling unwanted hitting me over the head, feelings of abandonment. But who’s this Ellen? Why do I care? Why should I let this stranger break me down?

Well, guess what! Logically, she withdrew the message, sat on it and send me a beautiful new message. Telling me how she spoke to BM (Karen, I know a NAME! finally a name, why? Frankly I got tired of fighting BM, and my mind automatically associating that with bowel movement, and it’s easier to keep all my facts straight by putting names to people) Ellen told me a little about herself and her family, about her conversation with Karen, she ended it with

“I am open to you”

You know what that is all I needed… The end!

Haha, just kidding that’s not the end of my story. In fact it opened up a whole new world.

* All names have been changed to protect their privacy.* 

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