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I’m Open To You Part 2.

I am open to you … let that sink in for a minute.

See I spent a portion of my life feeling unwanted, I was convinced I was not a wanted child. Looking back on it, that’s absurd, but it’s how I felt at one point. To get a note saying I am open to you fills up that little hole.

Karen called me that afternoon, she had more news. Her secret was out! Her 34 year secret that only she and I knew was out. Not only to her sister, but to the rest of her family.

And; it was all received well!!! She was approached with support and love and happiness. I am so very glad. I felt horrible knowing she had this huge secret sitting on her shoulders. But, there was nothing I could do, it’s not my secret to share, so I just enjoyed our time getting to know each other and share.

The next sentence out of her mouth I never expected to hear.

“Sarah, I know your father, and he doesn’t know”

What!!!!! You know my father?!?! …..


* All names have been changed to protect their privacy.*

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