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It happened …

Ugh, I am, that mother! Tonight as I was tucking Dunne1 and Dunne2 into their beds the little guy is having a tantrum.

He just wants his mommy, or mommy’s bed, or some water, or to try out the potty OR anything other then going to sleep. After numerous hugs and kisses and explanations on why we need our sleep. I did it! I can’t believe I did it, I promised myself I never would but, I did.

I pulled the Santa card 😳. That’s right, at the end of April I reminded him that Santa is still watching for all the good girls and boys. “Do you think this behavior is showing Santa you are making good choices?” I ask my 2 year old. And guess what!! It worked! He payed down nicely and is sound asleep 10 minutes later. Why was I so against this? Oh yea, there’s no such thing as bad children and I never wanted to hang their behavior over their heads, but isn’t this a good life lesson as well? We get rewards for our good behavior and punished for our bad. So, isn’t Santa a reward for a year of good behavior?!?!

The moral of the story, never think anything is beneath you as a parent, before you become a parent. Haha!! I had all these glorious ideas and plans for motherhood. Besides the tremendous amount of love that I never knew I had in me, none of it worked out as I had it in my head. You learn to just wing it, and go with the flow. As long as my children know they are loved, and turn out to be decent human beings. I just don’t care what route I have to take to get them there anymore ☺️

You might be asking yourself, what does any of this have to do with your adoption story though?

It doesn’t. Besides the fact that I was texting with Karen earlier today on something completely unrelated, and we are continuing on forming a relationship. This story has absolutely nothing to do with my adoptions journey. It’s just part of my journey through life, in general.

See, I started this so I could document my adoption journey, never in my wildest dreams expecting it to have worked out in such a positive way. As we all move forward, and the “excitement” or shock wears off, and we move on with our lives building relationships or not. The journey still goes on.

I’m going to make an effort in transitioning this as just my own journey/journal and not exclusively regarding my adoption. I’m nothing super special, or entertaining, but I do think I’m pretty average and we don’t hear from enough average people 💋

I hope you enjoy my lovely, life shenanigans.

Please don’t. Ever hesitate to share yours with me as well.



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