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8 Days …

Lately I have been feeling different. Empowered, Stronger, Motivated … Every few months I have the same conversation with Hubster. “Babe, I need to go back to school. I need to just bang it out and finish my degree and do what I love” and the conversation always ends with now is not the right time.

Money, kids, work, family, HOW!!!!! How can one manage that time? We always agree when the kids are in school full time I can go back and finish. I don’t want to miss out on them and life is already chaotic.

8 days ago, that’s all it took 8 days. I was driving to work and as stupid as it sounds and I haven’t admitted this to anyone. As I was driving into work I get cut off by a young woman driving like a maniac (like me 10 years ago) as I’m grumbling to myself I see she has a decal on her back windshield “RN” with the ECG heart wave. I grumble even more. Not really sure why it set me off and why I was so annoyed by it but I was. As I continue to drive and grumble I think “I need to just do it, I need to finish my RN”

So, that day I looked into the nearest program, I applied for financial assistance, I applied to the school, I looked into scholarships, I requested my high school and college transcripts, and thought about my time, my family, my children and realized I can totally do this.

It’s going to be hard for a couple years, it’s going to be chaotic, and Hubster and I need to work more as a team than ever to accomplish this, But what great thing ever happened without a little bit of sacrifice?

The next day I received my acceptance to the school, acceptance for financial assistance, and my transcripts had arrived 😳. THE VERY NEXT DAY! Well, that got real, REAL fast. Now I had a game plan. Do as many of my course online and just get through any evening and Saturday courses to get in the clinicals, once clinical a started I can cross that bridge. NOW, to run my massive life altering plan by Hubster. Haha, I thought I was just doing my normal wishful thinking. Never expecting to really get in so deep so quick. I figured I was just looking into everything. BUT timing is everything as there’s a reason why it was so easy.

I sat down with Hubster told him my grand plan and what I’ve already done. Once the shock wore off, that I’d already started this process and gotten so far already in the matter of 24 hours. Naturally he was in full support. Concerned, of course, because things will be really chaotic for a while, and he will have to pick up my slack. But, he knows how important this has been to me.

So, in the last 8 days i have officially became a student! The best part is, and the most unexpected part, majority of my old credits transferred over! See, I haven’t been in school for 12 years. When I graduated high school, I went away to college, but it wasn’t for me. I came home after one semester. My options were to either work or go to school so I decided to get a full time job in a doctors office and I went to school part time in the evenings. I completed all of the preliminary courses for the RN program and decided I needed a year off. Well here I am 12 years later.

Today, as I sat with a. Student advisor she told me I only needed 5 courses and then I can apply to the program for next fall. 5!!!!

So, this summer I will be taking 3 courses and 2 in the fall. There were a couple little hiccups with my getting into my science courses but by 4pm today they all fell right into place.

I thank that young RN for cutting me off last week. If it weren’t for her I would not have grumbled my way through this entire process. I would have been waiting it out and wishing I never stopped my schooling.

So, here I am. In my mid thirties, working full time, with two toddlers and a husband that I will be seeing very sporadically for the next few months. But, this is a sacrifice that will do our family good, and hopefully the BrothersDunne won’t have to much memory of it and I can make them proud!

8 days is all it took.



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