There are two things in my life that I have always known I needed  …  

1: To be someone’s mother. 

2: To help people. 

Well I am the mother to two incredible little boys and I pray in the future to have many more children. Whether it be biologically, fostering or adopting.  I always have had the need to help people. I try, sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail miserably, but I try. 

I wanted to share my story.  I don’t know if this will ever reach anyone who it will actually help but at least it’s out there.  I know there are people out there with similar stories and maybe feel lost. 

My name is Sarah I was adopted by the two greatest  people in the world as an infant.  I recently took the giant leap into AncestryDNA to discover where my biologically family came from and who I may be related to.

Join me me on my journey to the unknown of my heritage.  

* note*

I am by no means a professional writer so bare with me Haha. 


I am not looking to replace my family, or hurt anyone.  These are just my thoughts and emotions throughout this incredible journey.